Lisa Chavira
Senior Visual Designer


Favorite Baseball Team

The Astros

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Pearl Jam

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Remarkably Bright Creatures

B.A., Graphic Design, University of Texas at El Paso
Joined Hello Amigo: 2015

Every project begins with research, which is great for me because I love to learn! Once I know more about our clients and their industry, I have fun finding ways to visually showcase who the client is and what they have to offer.

I started my career working with a local design collective, producing art for small businesses and organizations. Prior to that, I worked for Apple, maintaining consistent visual standards in the retail stores. The experience shaped my design career and helped me to understand the value of clean design and its impact on user experience.

To challenge my creativity and explore other mediums, I spend my free time watercoloring and getting my hands dirty with ceramics. This helps me see different perspectives that I can apply in my design career. I have also served as President of AIGA El Paso to help grow and bring awareness to the the local design community. I developed the chapter to stay consistent with the mission and values of the AIGA national agenda and organized events to connect designers to each other.

Yes we are

It’s not bragging if it’s true.

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