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Web-based applications and mobile applications can compliment an existing website or serve their own purpose. Our team is experienced in developing interactive web-based applications that are accessible in any web browser, and mobile applications that perform great on iOS and Android.

We’ve built web-based applications that allow people to submit resources centered around innovation, become an ambassador for the great city of El Paso, Texas, and assist people that fall behind on their property taxes. We’ve also helped the citizens of El Paso find out important information about local elections via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Define It

The sky is truly the limit in terms of functionality, so it’s crucial to get specific about what the application needs to do, who will be using it, and how they will be using it. Part of our process involves defining the scope of work so we can provide a functionality document and a concrete budget.

Build It

With the scope of work finalized, our team will write any copy needed throughout the application, create a custom design that’s on-brand for your organization, and program all of the custom functionality required by your app. We’ll thoroughly test the app and once it’s finalized, we’ll launch it to the world!

Update It

Every application is integrated with our custom content management system so your team can update content, export data, review users or manage other aspects specific to your custom application. If it’s a mobile application, we’ll handle submitting it to the App Store and Google Play store, and we’ll keep the app updated when new versions of iOS and Android are released.

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