Eliminating Excuses

The <h1>El Paso County Elections Department</h1> wanted to reduce barriers to voting in El Paso. We proposed a new website with easy-to-find information, site-wide Spanish translations and integrated geolocation services to direct voters to their nearest early voting location or precinct.

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A Presidential Shoutout

In March 2016, President Obama acknowledged our work using technology to solve challenges faced by the government, namely: voter turnout.

An App for Voters

To further engage voters and make finding voter information even simpler, Hello Amigo developed a mobile app for iOS and Android. The app was integrated with the same content management system as the website giving the Elections Department the ability to update both the app and the website at the same time.

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A Note from the Client

“Since the website was launched, our voter registration has increased by 150,000–200,000. The community loves our website. They say it’s user-friendly, clear, concise, and something that’s different. A lot of people compare it favorably to other counties’ sites, such as Dallas or Travis Counties. They like the design and the user-friendliness of our site.”

- Veronica Parada, Elections Systems and Technology Coordinator

An Award-Winning Website

In November 2019, the El Paso County Elections website was ranked ‘Outstanding’ by the League of Women Voters of Texas in their review of the election websites for all 254 Texas counties. Not only was the El Paso website one of only nine to receive that ranking, the website ranked #2 overall. The websites were evaluated on ease of use, security, mobile-friendliness, resources for audiences like members of the armed forces, bilingual content and current election information.

Website Award