Behind the Design: Making Our Holiday Gifts

Behind the Design: Making Our Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and the Hello Amigo team is thrilled to show off the holiday gifts we created for 2021. This year, we designed a puzzle, trivia cards and deck of playing cards with an El Paso and desert southwest theme. We wanted to share with you what goes into creating our holiday gift set.

Every year as we finalize our gifts and receive them from the production vendors, we always remark on how we need to start working on them sooner. We started conversations about gift ideas and themes back in January. Individually, we’ll brainstorm and organize ideas so that we can meet as a team to discuss and see how we can build on each other’s concepts. We’ll continue brainstorming and reviewing ideas on a monthly basis until we have a concept we all love that fits the Hello Amigo brand direction and will appeal to our audience. We aim to finalize the theme and items by the end of summer.
Behind the Design: Making Our Holiday Gifts

Once we’ve finalized what we’re going to do, we collect quotes for printing and production to determine the best mix of items and quantities that align with our budget. It’s important to balance the timelines of what our team can design, while balancing client work, with the timelines of the production companies for whatever products we choose.
Behind the Design: Making Our Holiday Gifts

The design team worked to create a theme to apply to the three items we selected - a 1,000 piece puzzle, a deck of 50+ trivia cards and a deck of standard playing cards - and then each designer took the lead on an item. We worked together to develop the trivia categories and researched facts and history to craft challenging and fun trivia questions. Everyone takes the time to review each item to catch errors and ensure the designs and formatting are consistent.
Behind the Design: Making Our Holiday Gifts

The gifts we design all get airtime on our social media accounts. We’re proud of the work we do and want to share our designs with everyone. Because our 2021 gifts are El Paso-focused, we did an Instagram Live previewing the trivia cards with Chuco Life, an account that promotes the El Paso lifestyle.

No detail is too small to be overlooked. We mail out our gifts in style in custom Hello Amigo mailers with a note from our team tucked inside. For the local deliveries, of course we drop them off with a smile. Just in time to start thinking about the gifts for next year!

Our gifts are now available to purchase on our online store!

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