Custom Photography - It's Worth the Investment

Custom Photography - It's Worth the Investment

We often offer custom photography as a service when designing and developing websites and other marketing materials like brochures and flyers. We believe using custom photography, instead of relying on stock photography, can really take your marketing assets to the next level and help you better tell your brand’s story. We’ve outlined some key reasons as to why custom photography is worth the investment.

The Importance of Custom Photography
People typically visit a website or use print materials to gather information. Images and copy will both help convey information to visitors, however the images are what the viewer will process first. You can tell readers to expect friendly service and local expertise, but you can also show them with custom images of your welcoming storefront and your smiling team. Images can help people to visualize what to expect when working with your organization and can go a long way towards helping them make a decision about who to give their business to.

Custom Photography Allows for More Flexibility
Using custom photography gives you the ability to control the story and reputation you want to build around your brand. Stock photos can look great, but you’re limited to what is available. This means you may not find images that fit your target demographic or ones that match your geographical area —this can be critical if you’re trying build a local audience. And you won’t have any control over how many other brands use those stock images on their website or marketing materials.

Custom Photography Sets You Up for Success
Another benefit to custom photography is the ability to plan out who and what you want images of. As design experts, we know the quality and size of the images that work best for designing websites and print Large, landscape images with adequate white space are great for header photos on websites. Studio-quality headshots and lifestyle images look great on websites and print materials. And all photos should have a high-resolution so they come out crystal clear with no pixelation, regardless of how they are used.

Maximize Your Investment with Custom Photography
Finally, you’ll own the rights to the images. This has two advantages, the first being that you won’t find your images duplicated on a competitor’s website or flyer. The second advantage is that you’ll be able to use the high-quality images on your website, print materials, social media posts and other marketing efforts to create a marketing strategy that tells a cohesive story about your brand and what you offer.

Curious about how custom photography could be used to enhance your brand storytelling? We’d love to talk and show you some awesome websites and marketing materials with eye-catching custom photography. Leave a note for us below!

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