From Viva + Impulse Creative Co. to Hello Amigo

From Viva + Impulse Creative Co. to Hello Amigo

We originally built Viva + Impulse Creative Co. around award-winning design and brilliant web development. But as our team grew and technology improved, we identified new services we could offer to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to their internal and external communication strategies.

As we reflected on our growth over the last few years, we sat down to discuss our marketing strategy. The conversation gave us an opportunity to reevaluate and define our values and services. And while we had adapted our services to better serve our clients, our marketing and branding strategy didn’t reflect the changes. We had to ask ourselves does Viva + Impulse Creative Co. really encompass all that we do?

Before building a website, we now work with our clients to craft content that tells their story. Instead of jumping into making media buy recommendations, we first conduct research to give our clients a marketing strategy backed with data. And in addition to traditional media placements, we use digital advertising to track success and show how media dollars convert into new customers.

Our process prioritizes research and content, because we truly believe they are the foundation of successful projects. And we know that building genuine relationships starts with honest conversations. With all of this in mind, we decided it was time to rebrand the agency. Not only did we want to establish our expertise under an all-encompassing name, we wanted to realign our values and our services.

The naming process began with an empty whiteboard and a handful of markers. The board was gradually filled with words and phrases that resonated with our team and related to the work we do. We sat down to review the ideas and consider how the different names could grow, yet remain relevant, and we kept coming back to Hello Amigo. It was the perfect name for the agency.

The playful name is a nod to our beloved border town and gets to the heart of who we are: a friendly group of creatives working to help organizations start a conversation with the people who matter most to them.

So welcome to Hello Amigo! Now that you know who we’ve been, we’d love to show you more of who we are and what we do.

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