Inside Our Web Process: How We Design and Develop Custom Websites
November 2022

Inside Our Web Process: How We Design and Develop Custom Websites

After designing and developing over 300 custom websites, we’ve refined our website development process to make it more efficient for our team and for the client. In our process, each step builds on the previous and incorporates client feedback to ensure we develop a website that works properly, looks amazing and does what the client needs it to do.

Inside Our Web Process: How We Design and Develop Custom Websites

Starting with content may sound strange, especially when most clients hope to see a design first, but the content is the reason people visit a website. Whether they are seeking the hours of operation, the services offered or the lunch menu, it’s crucial that the information is organized appropriately and is easy to read.

With this in mind, we develop a simple, black and white sitemap that’s clickable and shows the client the site structure and what content will be shown on each page. This allows the client to visualize how the site will be organized and gives the client the opportunity to identify any gaps in the content. It’s also easier to make big changes to the content and organization, if needed, prior to the design phase.

Inside Our Web Process: How We Design and Develop Custom Websites

Once the overall content strategy is finalized, we begin working on the design of the site. We work with the client to define the look and feel they want for their site and review existing sites they like and don’t like to understand their vision. The purpose of the design is not only to look good, but also to present the content in a clear and easy-to-follow format.

We design the home page and the layout of the subpages and present them to the client, explaining the rationale behind the design. The client has the opportunity to review the designs with their team and request tweaks to the design — which we’re happy to make. Once the design is approved, we finalize the files and prepare them for programming.

Inside Our Web Process: How We Design and Develop Custom Websites

Organizations are meant to change and grow. Being able to easily update a website to reflect that growth is essential. Each website we build is integrated with a custom content management system, or CMS, which allows the client and their team to make changes to the website content. This could be adding new menu items or team members, posting a new blog or uploading event photos.

The CMS allows the client to keep their website up-to-date with everything going on in their organization, which keeps the audience informed and engaged. It also helps boost search engine optimization, also known as SEO, which helps with organic ranking on Google. Additionally, because we build custom websites, the website is scalable, meaning we can add new pages or new functionality down the road.

Throughout the course of the web development project, we have a dedicated account manager who stays in regular contact with the client to provide updates on progress, request feedback and coordinate meetings. Even after the website is launched, we’re still available to answer questions and assist clients.

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