Women in Tech

Women in Tech

While women make up nearly half of the workforce, only 26% of tech-related jobs are held by women and they hold an even smaller number of tech leadership positions, particularly in Fortune 500 companies. At Hello Amigo, our core team includes four women whose roles include account management, graphic design and content development. We shared our thoughts on women in the tech industry.

I see myself as a hard-working, intelligent and excellent designer. And while I’m proud to be a woman in the tech industry, I think tech has a long way to go with treating women the respect we deserve. We need more recognition, better pay and benefits, and definitive paths leading to promotions. This applies even more to women of color.

While companies can consistently advocate their support of women, it doesn’t matter unless action is actually taken. While I hope the tech industry continues to hire more women, I hope they do so because they recognize those women as strong and brilliant individuals who can bring a strong skill set to their environment.

It’s important that women know that there is a seat at the table for them in the tech industry. The ratio of men to women in the industry is still very skewed. I want to see women equally integrated as equal team members in their respective jobs. Women belong in tech and the industry needs women’s ideas, input, creativity, talent, and drive.

I appreciate that our team is made up of mostly women. They encourage and inspire me. In the same way, women in tech should feel valued, respected, and heard in their field, industry, and workplace.

I believe innovation is best fueled by diversity. An organization’s greatest assets will be a diversity of thought, experience, skill and education. Considering the world population is pretty close to 50/50, organizations that predominately employ men are missing critical input from women. The tech world, and ultimately society, benefit from diversity of voices and opinions in the ideation, design, production and testing stages of a project or product. As women bring a perspective to the table that cannot be matched or replaced, true diversity means a balance of women and men, of varying races and ages, across all positions within an organization.

It is important that women empower themselves with knowledge of the tech world because it is such a vital tool in our society now. Working in tech, I am often judged by not knowing anything because it is assumed only men in tech have the knowledge to execute whatever solution is needed. Women have such an integral perspective especially when it comes to the user experience.

I recently went to Disney World, and everything you did had to be accessed by an app or website, whether it was reserving a table, mobile ordering, or reserving a spot in line. It was clear that more testing had to be done from a women’s perspective because moms are the ones that plan the vacations. Because I am familiar with building sites and sitemaps, I was able to navigate it, but some of my friends had a hard time. I did not blame them, it was complex to navigate. You could tell that based on an algorithm, “the genie,” was telling us what to do. Knowing how to use the tech tools really made a difference in the experience we had at the park. It is important to have women at the table of these development discussions because they are often more in tune with how to blend reality with functionality.


We hope our perspectives lend themselves to expanding your view of the tech industry and how we can collectively continue to improve it.

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