Working Towards Wellness
August 2023

Working Towards Wellness

Creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important in any profession. Working and living in the same space creates unique challenges to finding that balance. With our different locations and lifestyles, we’ve established routines and habits to support our personal wellness. Our team shares the practices and strategies we’ve implemented to live well and work happily. Because we all deal with differing levels of physical and mental stressors, our strategies address mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

-Repeating daily affirmations is a great way to create positive change in the way you think about yourself and situations. We find that posting them around the house or reading them in the morning helps train and reinforce a positive outlook.

-At the recommendation of a therapist, we’ve found that developing a journaling habit helps us process events and feelings and allows us to track progress on skills and relationships.

-Engaging in hobbies and learning new ones gives us a chance to invest in ourselves and practice existing skills or develop new ones.

-Setting clear boundaries between working hours and personal time helps us reduce burnout and unnecessary mental fatigue.

-We make it a point to leave the house every day to get fresh air and enforce space between work and home.

-Listening to upbeat music puts us in a better mood and gives us an energy boost.

-We watch shows and movies that make us happy or have nostalgic value.

-We love reading. Our interests are varied, but books provide new views, information, and escape. And with physical copies, e-books, and audiobooks, we can enjoy a book anywhere, anytime.

-Whether it’s family or friends, frequent communication with those we love helps lighten the mental load and improve our attitudes. We choose to invest in the relationships that are important to us.

-By contrast, maintaining healthy boundaries with people who drain our energy or are emotionally toxic helps us protect our emotional wellness. We are choosy about who we spend our time with.

-Daily movement, whether it’s hitting our step goal or hitting the gym, is critical to making us feel balanced and healthy.

-Breathing exercises give us the opportunity to slow down and assess our physical wellbeing and the intersection of our physical, emotional and mental wellness.

-Utilizing a standing desk and taking periodic breaks from work give us the chance to reset and avoid common physical stressors from a more sedentary career.

-Preparing nutritious snacks and meals allow us to nourish our bodies and being intentional about taking care of our physical wellness.

-Being aware of our water intake and making sure we’re hydrated supports our physical wellbeing and mental clarity. Avoiding too much caffeine helps us stay balanced.

Though there are differences in our interests, commitments, and wellness needs, there is definitely overlap in our habits. We all find we need movement, connection, and hobbies. Perhaps your wellness practices looks similar, or maybe you see some new ideas to try. We encourage you to consider what you do to sustain or improve your wellness and try new ideas to see what helps you.

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