Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Mid-West Textile is a local business that creates new supply chains for companies across the globe. As a textile recycler, MWT helps reduce post-consumer waste through multiple product lines including wholesale used clothing and shoes, industrial wiping cloths, vintage clothing and more. We first launched the MWT website in 2013. In the time since, MWT had evolved and grown the business and the website design had become outdated.

Mid-West Textile Co.
Mid-West Textile Branding
A Second-Hand Supply Chain

After nearly 30 years in business and at the start of a new website project, MWT determined it was an excellent time to also reimagine their identity and branding. Just as MWT gives new purpose to recycled textiles, we upgraded the existing color palette, typography and tree and globe imagery into a modern identity that will serve the company well as it continues to grow.

Mid-West Textile Co. Before And After Identity
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Mid-West Textile Co. Logo Lounge
LogoLounge Book 12

The new identity was submitted to LogoLounge to be featured in the most recent installment, Book 12. LogoLounge features the best identities and logos from designers around the world. Out of 43,000 other submissions from 61 different countries, the MWT identity was selected to be included in Book 12.

Mid-West Textile Co. Website
Environmentally-Friendly Business

Once the identity was finalized, we began working on the new website. The content strategy focused on synthesizing information from various MWT service lines and the design team developed a phenomenal concept to showcase the new branding. The content management system allows MWT to update their staff members, product line information and more. The new website is an asset to the MWT team as they connect with buyers and sellers across the U.S. and around the globe with their various international supply chains.

Mid-West Textile Co. Assets
Mid-West Textile Co. Website