Healthy Children, Healthy Futures

Because there is no cure for asthma, the University of Arizona embarked on an ambitious project to implement a clinical trial testing the efficacy of an asthma preventive treatment for children. Partnering with universities and healthcare systems at six different locations around the country, the University of Arizona needed assistance developing a recruitment campaign for the trial. From researching the target audience, naming the study and developing recruitment materials, Hello Amigo has had a hand in every aspect of the project.

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The website is a primary source of information for the study. All advertising materials, digital and tangible, lead to the website. Content includes research study participation information, treatment information, expectations, and more. Hello Amigo researched, wrote and organized all content in adherence to guidelines put forth by each site’s independent review board and the FDA.

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Recruiting for Health

With unique target demographics at each location, Hello Amigo researched the audiences and developed materials that would be most effective. In addition, we implemented digital advertising campaigns in each geographic region to recruit prospective participants. While the project is ongoing, from August 2017 to September 2017, we successfully increased conversions by 33%, decreased advertising costs by 53%, and decreased the overall cost per lead by 65%.

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