Community Wellness for First Responders

Texans to the Rescue is an El Paso-based organization that supports first responders, those within the public safety community and their families. After the August 3, 2019 shooting tragedy in El Paso, emergency responders and other public safety workers found they needed both mental and physical support. TxR evolved to provide ongoing support to them and their families.

Texas to the Rescue Website
Welcoming all Responders and Public Safety Workers

We sat down with TxR to learn more about their community-based initiatives designed to support the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of responders and their families. The first phase of the website project addressed the overall sitemap organization and the copy found throughout the site. TxR wanted a trustworthy, conversational tone so we focused on writing copy that was friendly and approachable.

Texans to the Rescue Initiative
Respond in Faith Initiative
I Love a Responder Initiative
Support through Education, Outreach and Fellowship

As a local organization, TxR wanted the design to incorporate images of the region, along with images of responders. The new site design includes images and animated illustrations mirroring the TxR Team’s balance of casual approachability and professional expertise.

Texans to the Rescue Imagery
A Mission of Community Strength

The TxR team of psychologists, therapists, law enforcement agents, wellness instructors and canine support specialists can all be found on the website. Their bio pages, like the initiative and event pages, can be updated through the user-friendly content management system. Responsive website design and search engine optimization are an integral part of our website development process. The new website looks great on all devices, is easily found through search engines and is a breeze for the TxR team to manage.

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