A Priceless Heart

Price Stanley was a profoundly empathetic and caring child. After his passing, his family created a special fund with the El Paso Community Foundation to celebrate his life and share his loving attitude. The Priceless Heart Project is a memorial, a fund, an education program and a call to action. Price had a giving heart and was particularly sensitive to those experiencing homelessness. The Priceless Heart Project provides scholarships to children in need, particularly those who have or are facing homelessness. The education component is designed to help educators teach social-emotional learning in classrooms to help students understand philanthropy and giving.

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We sat down with Price’s mother to learn more about him and his heart of giving. She told us about her sweet son, stories of his generosity and concern for friends and strangers alike. She shared family photos with us and we noticed he often sported a baseball cap. With all of this in mind, the identity we created for the Priceless Heart Project represents Price, with his ever-present hat, giving his heart to those around him.

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Website Photos and Logo
Live and Give like Price

Once we finalized the identity and branding, we started working on the website for the Priceless Heart Project. Because of the multi-purpose nature of the project, the website needed to explain the project, introduce the fund and endowment, and encourage visitors to get involved. Our team wrote copy that carefully balances the sadness of Price’s loss with the joy of his memory and desire to help others. We created a cheerful design that features images of the Stanley family and custom illustrations to explain the project. Finally, we gave the Priceless Heart Project the ability to update the website copy and images through our user-friendly content management system.

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