Where Texas Begins

Destination El Paso operates three branded divisions including Visit El Paso, El Paso Live, and El Paso Water Parks. With so many things to do, see, and show off, Destination El Paso opts to refresh their website visuals and designs more frequently than most organizations. Our most recent project with Destination El Paso was to redesign the Visit El Paso website. This website is a foundation to their marketing efforts and provides an abundance of information to locals, visitors, meeting and event planners, and creatives.

Visit El Paso Website Home Page
Explore the Sun City

Starting with a new content strategy to better organize the information and resources Visit El Paso offers, we incorporated key messaging and ideas from their current promotional campaign. Our design approach utilized images and videos to give website visitors a tantalizing preview of all El Paso has to offer. During programming we integrated our custom content management system, which enables the Visit team to keep the website content fresh, and third-party widgets to support accessibility and itinerary planning. The new website showcases the vibrant community, culture, and experiences of El Paso and proves there’s something for everyone where Texas begins.

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Visit El Paso Mobile Website
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