The Shape of Imagination

In the heart of downtown El Paso, a center of imagination is taking shape! A project of the El Paso Community Foundation, La Nube is the new hands-on children’s center that will embrace exploration and creativity, nurture a sense of wonder and learning and operate with inclusivity and accessibility. Hello Amigo designed and developed a new website to introduce La Nube to the El Paso community, create excitement and let guests contribute to its growth with a donation.

La Nube Website Homepage
Built by the Community, Built For the Community

El Paso Community Foundation envisioned a website that would spark curiosity for El Pasoans and guests to the area. Our main focus for the home page was an engaging introduction that highlights what makes La Nube unique from other children’s centers as well as a strong call-to-action to donate. To stay updated on how La Nube is taking shape, we provided clear links to the center’s social media, newsletter sign-up and live footage of the construction. Focusing on La Nube’s values and vision of innovation, the copy used throughout the site is exciting and modern. To reflect and honor El Paso’s border culture, all signage throughout La Nube will be in both English and Spanish, with neither being prioritized as the primary language. In the same manner, we translated the entire site to Spanish with a link in the navigation to toggle between both languages. After content was approved, our designers went to work designing a site that’s as one-of-a-kind as La Nube!

La Nube Renderings
Embrace Your Curiosity

La Nube will be a place of exploration for any age. Therefore, it was very important that the design of the website be imaginative but not overtly playful and childish so as to appeal to and adults as well as children. The home page needed a powerful visual to draw in the user. Taking inspiration from the name and its message, we used a looping video for the hero image that gives the user the sensation of soaring through the clouds. To give it a contemporary feel, the home page utilizes white space with popping areas of bright gradients to highlight the calls to action. Guests are also invited to explore La Nube’s planned Experiences with detailed full-screen renderings.

La Nube Exhibition Rendering
Taking Shape

Our Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy for the El Paso Community Foundation to make updates to the website as La Nube gets closer to completion and its grand opening. The El Paso Community Foundation team can easily update the website including pending opening dates as well as add articles to the News page. La Nube’s new introductory website has already built excitement in the community and received over 150 donations contributing to its growth.

Make a Donation Graphic