Zettai Ryoiki: Absolute Territory

There is a boutique hotel in Downtown El Paso with a unique style fusing classical design with border culture to create a comfortable elegance. Prominent guests, local socialites, and those in the know can find a speakeasy hidden within the its walls. We were tasked with creating a standout identity for the hush-hush establishment called Zettai Ryoiki. The name, Japanese for absolute territory, originated with the manga and anime comic book and animation styles.

Zettai Ryoiki
Zettai Ryoiki Pattern Uncharted Territory
Zettai Ryoiki Vending Machine
Zettai Ryoiki Vending Machine
Zettai Ryoiki Vending Machine
You Didn’t Hear It From Us

We created a custom identity stylizing the initials of the name in a unique and elegant way. Elements of Japanese culture and design can be seen in the implementation of the identity. The new identity perfectly compliments the classy, upscale feel of the speakeasy and incorporates a hint of mystery with the unfamiliar name and limited public knowledge.

Zettai Ryoiki Coaster
Zettai Ryoiki website
Zettai Ryoiki Pattern Absolutely Yours