Hearts and Homes for Cats and Dogs

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso has been in operation since 1995, serving as a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of stray, abandoned and orphaned companion animals. Proudly operating as a no-kill shelter, ARLEP works to provide care to animals while locating lifelong homes for them. In addition, ARLEP advocates for responsible pet ownership by providing education and resources to the community. For years, ARLEP struggled with an outdated website that created inefficiencies in their work and made the adoption process tedious for their staff and potential adopters.

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Saving Lives and Supporting Responsible Pet Owners

ARLEP reached out to us seeking a new website to support their ongoing efforts to find forever homes for cats and dogs in need. They needed the new website to feature available cats and dogs, collect applications for adoptions and volunteers and accept donations. Their vision for the new website included a modern design with images and illustrations, a more user-friendly organization of information and updated copy with a more welcoming and consistent tone.

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Serve, Advocate and Support

We worked on building a sitemap to incorporate new pages and copy that needed to be added to the website. Once the copy was approved, we moved on to the design process using a refreshed version of the long-standing ARLEP branding. We created an inviting, modern design to highlight the available cats and dogs. The programming process addressed the extensive and thorough adoption application process and the volunteer application. The form submissions are stored in the Content Management System where they can be easily accessed by the ARLEP staff. Additionally, the ARLEP staff can add newly available animals through the CMS to keep the website updated and give the animals the best chances of adoption. ARLEP’s new website will help them continue their efforts and increase the number of animals they’ve saved, which currently stands at over 27,000 lives saved.

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