Elevating Business

The El Paso Chamber has been an integral part of the El Paso business community for over 120 years. Following a transition of leadership and a shift in their vision and operations, we launched a new website to showcase how they’re moving El Paso forward by adhering to their core values of leveraging data, fostering engagement, building relationships and investing in partnerships.

El Paso Chamber Website Home Page
Strengthening the Region

We worked with the El Paso Chamber to reorganize the content to make it simpler for members to find information, get involved, and utilize all of the services and benefits the El Paso Chamber has to offer. The goal for the new design focused on capturing the visuals of the region and incorporating modern elements like video and animation.

El Paso Chamber misson statement and mobile website
Improving Lives

The El Paso Chamber website can be easily updated with our custom content management system. Because the El Paso Chamber constantly hosts new events, it was critical that they be able to quickly and easily update the website with new information. The new website is a tremendous resource to the El Paso Chamber as they work to support job creation, improved productivity, and increased community wealth.

El Paso Chamber numbers and stats