Calling All Sneakerheads

El Paso entrepreneurs Drew and Jamie Frank opened their sneaker shop, Kickpin, in late 2016 to provide locals with access to exclusive and limited edition sneakers and apparel. Sneaker enthusiasts can shop the Kickpin collection through the e-commerce store, but only have once-a-month opportunities to shop in person at the Kickpin Popups. Hello Amigo implemented a digital advertising campaign to build brand awareness and drive attendance to the Popups.

Kickpin 01
Kickpin 02
Kickpin 03
Fresh Kicks

We began working with Kickpin in September, just before their Popup. We captured 62 event responses, an 88% increase from the previous Popup. We further optimized the campaign and were able to generate 126 event responses in November, a 103% increase, and increased that by 72% in December, for a total of 217 event responses.

Kickpin 05