The Devise Product Realization Hub is a program of the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) Innovation Center located inside the Cardwell Collaborative Biomedical Incubator. The program was created to help innovators, suppliers, and manufacturers to ideate, refine and bring products to production. MCA wanted the information to stand out online and have its own unique look and feel, while still being a part of the MCA website ecosystem. We created a custom microsite within the MCA website to accomplish this goal.

Website homepage
Photo banner showing people at work in a lab

MCA provided the content and information and we utilized our design experience to organize it intuitively into a one-page microsite. The services are free to qualified participants so we wanted to ensure the microsite presented crucial information in an appealing way to encourage visitors to apply for the program. The bold colors and custom illustrations on the microsite serve to build excitement for the program and the possibilities it creates for participants.

Animation highlighting services

Once design was approved, we quickly programmed the microsite to meet the MCA’s project timelines. Programming addressed the subtle animations of the illustrations, creating expanding lists to improve the readability of the content and user experience, and ensuring the microsite fit well within the existing MCA website. Having a specific location and link for the Devise program has helped the MCA better share information and recruit applicants for the program.

Animated Bulb Icon
Animated Rocket Icon
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Animated Gears Icon
Devise design elements and callouts