Support for Educators

The Classroom Fund is a special project of the El Paso Community Foundation. The project provides resource grants for educators in the El Paso and Las Cruces areas to enhance learning and engage students. The project was originally started to support educators who frequently use their own money to purchase additional classroom supplies to improve learning outcomes for their students. We worked with EPCF to upgrade the old website and improve the overall user experience for educators applying for the resource grants.

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Investment in Students

We started with writing new content to better explain the application process and define qualified applicants. We also wanted to highlight the impact of the grants and how various educators had utilized the monies to improve their students’ experiences. The design utilized the identity we created in 2011 and images to create a clean and modern website. Finally, we integrated the custom application system on the admin end of the website to help EPCF gather the necessary information from educators, evaluate all applications, and easily purchase the items requested by the selected educators. The new site supported EPCF’s goal to reach new educators and receive more applications for the grants.

How the Classroom Fund works