Research First

A local retail client approached Hello Amigo to create and implement a marketing plan to increase traffic at their eight retail locations. However, our client was uncertain about what types of media would best reach prospective customers. Hello Amigo recommended starting with market research to better understand prospective customers, before attempting to reach them through marketing, and potentially wasting a significant portion of their marketing budget.

Asking Questions

The market research project included recruiting and interviewing potential customers and our client’s employees and managers to understand what marketing platforms worked best, where our client excelled and what could be improved. Both our client’s customers and competitor customers were interviewed to better understand what set our client apart from the competition. We compiled the data into a final report that detailed key insights from the interviews, and included recommendations on how our client could improve internal operations.

Information in Action

The final report allowed us to create a detailed marketing plan that included recommendations on messaging and what media types to devote budget to. It also noted several areas of potential improvement for the client, including employee training and customer service. The client implemented these improvements across their company to better serve existing customers and appeal to new customers.