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El Paso-based jeweler, the Prince of Gold, creates custom gold jewelry for customers around the world. A self-taught artist, the Prince of Gold found inspiration in the style and jewelry of celebrities. He started designing jewelry for friends and family before turning to Instagram to sell his designs. With the steady growth of his business, Prince of Gold reached out to Hello Amigo to build an e-commerce site that could process sales and manage inventory.

Rotating Pendants
Mobile Website
Make a Statement

We started by diving into the Prince of Gold’s process to create custom gold jewelry. The content writing focused on explaining the process and creating the overall organization of the website. We then created a custom theme using the Prince of Gold branding and launched a new website using the Shopify platform, the industry standard for e-commerce. The Prince of Gold website allows customers to purchase custom-made jewelry or shop from a gallery of designs the Prince of Gold has already created, including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

Jewelry from Website
Notes from the Hello Amigo Designers

“The biggest challenge was figuring out how to visually guide the user through a product’s interface without creating any confusion. We looked at various options while designing and laying out the visual interactive elements of each product’s interface, such as product images, typography, color, spacing and buttons. The final result is an aesthetically pleasing and guiding experience for the user.” - Armando, Creative Director

Jewelry from Website
Jewelry from Website

“I needed to crop all the photos of the jewelry that would be used in the Shopify store. The photos needed to not only be cropped, but look consistent in where the jewelry was placed. There were over 400 images, so I needed to be as efficient as possible. I did this by creating a Photoshop Action that I could run on all the photos at once. It still look a good amount of time, but now all the photos in the store are consistent!” - Lisa, Senior Visual Designer